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Classic or Casual watches are not designed for heavy loads, external influences or active use in water. Their case is usually thin. Their leather straps are not recommended for use in sea water. They've got water resistance which can protect only from rain or accidental release of water. That is, they've got only those qualities that should make them more stylish and elegant, without overloading them with not usual functions.

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As for to women's watches, there are no rules there, and the dominant factor in choosing ladies watches is style - attitude, mood, status, expressed in woman's appearance. Catchy or classic, shocking or strict - the style is made up of little things that underline advantages of women, their individuality and uniqueness. "Fashion dies, style remains", Coco Chanel said. Therefore, the choice completely remains for a woman and her feelings. Here is the classification of women's watches: Dress, Fashion, Sport, and Jewelry.

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Expensive Swiss-made watches are usually produced in limited quantities. In addition, each new model of watches differs from all previous models at least by the original appearance. This ensures the exclusivity of expensive watches, for which huge money are paid.

Every company tries to ensure that anyone could identify the manufacturer with one glance at their watches.

If you look at the clock face, you can see how various are forms of numbers and labels, such as "baguette", "spear», «Clous de Paris». They can be painted, convex (overhead) and engraved. A typical and very popular feature in the design of digits is the use of non-standard spelling of the Roman numerals "4": IIII. In particular, the vast majority of Breguet models are made with Roman numerals on the dial, but you will never find the standard writing of the number "4": (IV) - it is also a sort of tribute to traditions.

Jewelry Watches

Watches, Ulysse Watches, Breitling Watches, Jewelry Watches 
Jewelry Watches

It is important to insure your jewelry watches after purchase. To care for jewelry watches you must strictly adhere to manufacturer's instructions. Warranty service is usually held in special service centers, and not in store where you bought your jewelry watches.

You must be very careful if gemstones are placed on the outside of the body of jewelry watches. You should carefully study the information about the hardness of precious stones that the manufacturer provide to you.

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