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Watch have become not just a device that shows the time, it is also a fashion accessory, and an indicator of status and financial well-being of its owner. Typically a person has not less than two watches, as in different situations he may need watches of different design and functionality. Men often buy jewelry watch because they need to be prepared for different occasions, for which these watches are suitable. Jewelry watches can be worn on a formal dinner, wedding or anniversary. Jewelry on such watches is usually thin and elegant. For example, in designer watches made by Rolex high-quality diamonds instead of numerals are used on the dial. However there are fashion watches that are completely made of precious metals and covered with diamonds, and even the straps are made of gold or platinum. These watches are mostly expencive accessories and they are not intended only for time tracking. Such jewelry watches are good investments, because they do not lose their value with time. Most often occurs even opposite - with time these watches may be even more expensive than they were.

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Jewelry Watches

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It is important to insure your jewelry watches after purchase. To care for jewelry watches you must strictly adhere to manufacturer's instructions. Warranty service is usually held in special service centers, and not in store where you bought your jewelry watches. You must be very careful if gemstones are placed on the outside of the body of jewelry watches. You should carefully study the information about the hardness of precious stones that the manufacturer provide to you. For example a diamond has the highest hardness on the Moh's scale, and it can only be scratched by another diamond. But the emerald, on the contrary, is a very fragile stone, and it can be destroyed by a severe hit.

Gems on jewelry watches should also be cleaned regularly. After all, jewelry watch is a stylish accessory which should always shine, this is its purpose and sacred meaning.

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