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Ideally a man should have at least two watches - one for everyday wear and one for sport or recreational activities associated with the increased load. Of course, it is better to have one more watch to go out or going to the nightclubs. It is a question of desire and financial means. In general, the division of men's watches for the purposes is not by chance, it depends not only on matching with the style of clothing, but also on the characteristics associated with the operating conditions. Here is an example. All sports watches are designed for higher loads associated with active movement and the possible impact on watches itself. Because of this sports watches are made in a thicker case, usually with side shields of a crown that are able to protect against external influences. As the bracelets or straps are used such materials as steel, titanium, rubber, plastics, or, in extreme cases, natural leather with a special water-repellent for protection against sweating. These watches have a sporty design and look more massive because of the design features and purposes of application.

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Classic or Casual watches are not designed for heavy loads, external influences or active use in water. Their case is usually thin. Their leather straps are not recommended for use in sea water. They've got water resistance which can protect only from rain or accidental release of water. That is, they've got only those qualities that should make them more stylish and elegant, without overloading them with not usual functions.

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As for matching your watches with the dress code, there are basic rules: if your job is in the office and implies wearing formal clothes, you should wear the classic watch. If you dress in loose or sporty style or if your work is connected with active movements, you should wear sports watches. If you are a frequenter of fashionable partying or have an image of independent and free from prejudices man, then you should probably pay attention to designer watches. In summary, it should be noted, not to fall into an awkward position like wearing a tracksuit in a restaurant, you should not wear a sports watch with a suit or tuxedo, and classic watches when hunting or playing football. When choosing the form of watches' case, keep in mind your own preferences and the size of your wrist. To solve this question you should at least once visit a special watches store and try a few watches of various shapes and sizes.

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